1. Shuffle the two decks.
  2. Pull up a timer app from your phone or tablet, prep it for 45 seconds.
  3. Hand out pads & pencils to each player.
  4. All players take 3 Whozit and 3 Whatzit cards (3 blue and 3 red cards).
  5. Keep 6 cards in your hand at all times.
Whoever ate gummy bears most recently is the ‘Choozer’ and goes first.

The Choozer picks a Whozit and Whatzit card from their hand to create a funny combination. This is announced and all other players must then create a drawing of the combination.

A tornado playing hide & seek
A cat being shot out of a cannon

Activate the timer for 45 seconds, the Choozer should not look at the players’ drawings during this time.
Once time is up, all players pass their drawings face down to the Choozer.
The Choozer shuffles the drawings and shares each drawing with the group.
To make the game more fun, the Choozer can explain each drawing as they share them.
The Choozer then picks their favorite, and that player gets a game token (or you can use M&M’s, Skittles or whatever is on hand).

The next player becomes the Choozer, and the previous Choozer takes a Whozit and Whatzit to get back to 6 cards.

Earn 5 tokens and you win!


  • Some cards have a __________. Ex: A constellation shaped like a __________. In this particular instance, you’ll want to put a Whozit card into the blank.
  • Number of players is just a guide. You can absolutely play with 10 people if you want, but it definitely gets a little crazy.
  • Some card combinations are funnier than others, and some just don’t work well. Try to find the best combination to make things fun.
  • Why 45 seconds? 30 was too short, and 60 was too long!


Take a picture of your drawing with the Whozit & Whatzit cards, share to your favorite social media and tag it with #Drawzit, we might post it on our website or social media!


  • Power Player Drawzit – In this version of Drawzit, any player that earns 2 tokens is promoted and can have 8 total cards in their hand (4 Whozits & 4 Whatzits ). As a Choozer, they can create a combination from 3 cards if they’d like. For example: a chicken that turned into a zombie, blowing bubbles
  • Heads Up Challenge – Only have 2 players? No problem! For this challenge, don’t take any cards, just flip over a single Whozit & Whatzit  from the top of each deck, and you both draw whatever shows up. No tokens awarded here (unless you can find someone nearby that’s willing to be a game judge), it’s just for fun.
  • Mega Challenge – Pick 5 Whozits and draw with one Whatzit  in a single drawing, or vice-versa. Since it’s 5, you get 5 minutes on the drawing.
  • 3 Musketeers Challenge – It’s all for one, and one for all in this massive challenge. Pick one Whozit and draw it with EVERY Whatzit, 45 seconds per drawing. OR vice-versa. When you’re done, post them online for mad props!
  • The DaVinci Challenge – No timers here! Pick a single Whozit & Whatzit , and spend as much time as you want on a single drawing. Also, use any medium! Pencil, pen, paper mache, Photoshop, anything goes!
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